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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rustic/Coastal Room

"Pick a design style from column A and one from column B and decorate a living space using different elements from each style. Bonus for pointing out specific elements in the room from the differing design styles to really showcase how you brought them together." LivingSims

Pottery Barn Cottage.

"There stands a little English cottage on the street. A plaque over the doorway reads "1829", the year this house was built. It has stood the test of time, but its age is evident in the crumbling exterior brickwork, generously painted many times over the years by various occupants. Inside, it is a different story. Peeling wallpaper, remnants of a 70's kitchen, and a fireplace all but forgotten under all that dust is what remains of this place which hasn't seen a Sim for many years."LivingSims

Balla and Ankes Home.

Seeing as I had broken my contest cherry I thought I would enter this one as well :) The house I built for this is up for download here, stripped of all CC, modernized and ready to move in!