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Friday, November 18, 2011

Masculine Modern Appartment

Give the Penthouse a makeover. Give it some life and personality! You can either use the penthouse in Bridgeport or build it from scratch but it must be on the second floor or higher. Scroll down to see the layout and location. Living Sims
This one was done while I still had no CC in my game, I am surprised what you can come with really with only EA items :)

North African House?

 The Task
Pick one of the floor plans we have provided and build a house based on that. The outer walls of the first floor must be the same as the floorplan you’ve picked, the foundation can be bigger. The second floor and up can be any shape you want. Use your toolbox to give the house character by adding Windows, doors, wall covers, roofs, balconies, railing, columns etc. You can add decorations from the buy menu and garden if you want to, but you do not have to. Living Sims

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Triple Trouble Nursery

LivingSims have another contest!
Seeing as I am kind of staff over there I cant win but i can enter in the just for fun section :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DOTY 2011

I decided to enter the DOTY (Designer of the Year) Competition over at Black Pearl Sims this year. I did okay..made it through the first 3 rounds, then my game died..... I have lost everything and have to start from scratch again. It happens to the best of us so I am sure I am in good company. I had to pull out of the competition, which killed me but hey shit happens right?

Modern English Cottage Garden

My challenge to you. 
"A young couple just brought a modern house that he fell in love with and they both have grown to like it a lot... but the trouble in paradise is that she can't stand the bare garden (as they often are in newly developed areas). She is a sucker for romantic English gardens, but knows that a full out English cottage garden will properly not fit the house very well... so she called you... do you think you can help her?" Macthekat
Credit to Lilymayrose for the House.

Easter Shot

Romantic Bedroom 2 Styles.

I was asked by SF Mag to create a Romantic Bedroom using the color of the year "Honeysuckle Pink" I couldn't decide on a modern or shabby room so I did both..lol They picked the modern one for the issue.

Sports Fashion Shoot

 Fashion Shoot from Issue 9 of SF Mag

Day Spa and Salon

Just a little something I did for SF mag.

EA Makeover

"Make over this EA space. Bring some life, color and stylish d├ęcor to this “bad room.” Decorate the space for a Sim looking to buy their first home, fully furnished and decorated so they have to do no work of their own" Living Sims

Pre School Playground.

"The local pre-school wants to hire you! They want to makeover their outdoor space, because they just got a special grant for it! Last time there was money to do anything with it was in 1985, so you can imagine that everything is pretty run down by now. They want a sandbox, some pathways for tri-bikes and play-carts, swings with a good soft area under it. And they want a teaching garden, so they can grow tomatoes with the kids and talk about where food comes from. They also wants some flower, but they have to be sturdy - who knows then they will be able to replace them if the kids are too rough on them.
I hope you will help them out.
"  Macthekat


"I suggest you create a living squat, very dark and dirty, here is living young teenagers fans of science fiction" Ninoochat

Japanese Water Garden

"The challenge I set forth for you is to design a water garden. It can have a pond, a waterfall, rocks, shrubs, flowers, whatever you envision!" Lex the Jeweler

Starlette's Bathroom.

"Well the designer in you has some help from your fellow sim designers here at Living Sims. We've gathered some fabulous tips from forum members on how to best go about designing a utilitarian but attractive bathroom. So, join the challenge and put those tips to work!" Living Sims

Eco Friendly Home Designers Living Room

"Decorate the space provided below for one of the four men. Keep in mind their personality traits and their overall lifetime goal while you are decorating." Living Sims

Rock Stars Home.

The Task
"Pick any furnished space in an EA/Maxis built house and make it over. You must however use the existing furnishings in your make-over." Living Sims

Vampire Crypt

"All people need a home, even the dead ones.
All people want a nice place to live, even the dead ones.
All people want a spot to relax, sleep and have fun, even the dead ones.
We need to give a home to those who don´t like the sun but love the night.
Lets make a home for your friendly neighborhood vampire sim."
Living Sims

My poor lonely Vamp lives here in this crypt waiting for eternity to end. He lost his one true love while he was mortal, days after they were wed. He sits in here and waits till they can be together again

Modern Garden

"Fence of a 40-140 square space behind their house (pick any nice 3 bedroom house). This will area will be their garden space. You should turn this empty canvas into a nice garden for the family. Remember they have two small kids.
The garden should be one of the following styles: modern minimalism, country, water garden or Mediterranean."
Living Sims

Friday, January 21, 2011

Find me a Face.


So I thought I would try and do something TOTALLY different for me....Fashion Photography. I am in no way a fashion person, I don't live it, I don't play it with my sims, hell I don't even play my sims normally...lol But I figured it was time to step out of my box and have a go :)
Here are some pictures from the SF comp. I will add that these were taken before the introduction of the pose player, so they aren't that great  lol

Monday, January 17, 2011

New York Town Houses Decorated.

This is what I did with one of the NY Town Houses I built for a challenge.

Dark Wood Nursery.

"As many of you may know our very own Ajoya is soon to give birth to a baby boy. Since we are all becoming virtual aunties (and maybe the odd uncle) I thought it would be fun to decorate a nursery for the new soon-to-be bundle of joy. There are no rules or budget restrictions. Only the very best for Baby Jordyn!" Living Sims

Old Town Square and Hedge Maze Garden

"Gardens have got to be one of the most challenging things to do in Sims so take advantage and challenge yourself, or rather, allow yourself to be challenged in creating gardens. Just put your name up that you would like to be challenged and let us, the community do the rest. Anyone that has some great gardening challenges post them here. You have two weeks to complete your challenge." LivingSims

Scottish Home and New York Town Houses

"So you fancy yourself a bit of a Frank Lloyd Wright do you? Well step up to the plate and take part in our building challenge to truly stretch those architectural muscles. We know our community will come up with some great challenges for you that will not only make you step out of your comfort zone but also dazzle the rest of the community." LivingSims

Traditional Home.

"Time for a new Small Quarter challenge!! Your sims's family has decided to buy a house but who said it had to be big to be comfortable? A great home for adults and a child can fit in a small space! That is your challenge!" LivingSims

Christmas Room

"Do your sims celebrate the winter holidays? Do we wanna see it? Oh yes please! Are your sims living in New Zealand and celebrate Christmas at the high of summer or perhaps your Sim live in New York – eh Bridgeport – and celebrate Hanukkah or perhaps Holland and celebrate Saint Nicolas day? Which-ever holiday and where-ever your Sim are this holiday season, we want to see it!
Once again we got a prize for the winner and runner ups." Living Sims

I got 2nd place for this shot.

When I was living back in Australia it was a tradition for mum and myself on Christmas eve to set the dining room table with the best dinnerware and make it look all pretty for Christmas Lunch. Put the cookies and milk out for Santa to appease my little brother and wrap all the presents. Without fail every year..we would be almost done and mum would be passed out snoring somewhere in the living room.
So this is A bit of my family Christmas to you. Merry Christmas all.

Prosper Room Renovation.

"For the party animal in you (and we know it is there! lol) You have to make over an EA Bar (or building)… make it from out 2 in, make it fun, make is fancy, make it sexy or grunge…up to you! Leave the outer walls intact - everything else is up to you!" Living Sims

Cats Room.

"Yeps, catvonpaxton moved! I'm sharing an amazing industrial apartment with two guys now and call 18qm in there my own, but: I need to make this place a home. Everything i have at the moment is a bed, so i can go wild with decorating from scratch.
As you guys are amazing and creative I would love to see your versions of my room (and sneak some ideas)
The room has dark grey stone tiles as flooring and the walls and the built in closets are white...(and have to stay white!)" Living Sims

Challenge me to Decorate.

"Challenge me to is a very popular concept here on the forum! Here is how it works: The people who are signed up to be challenged can be challenged by anyone on the forum to do a decorating/building task that is just for them." LivingSims

SID's Design Star Challenge.

SF magazine is looking for a new headquarters. The editor-in-chief (your’s truly) recently purchased the former Simmer’s Cinema by linday for their new offices and secured an unlimited budget for her project. Unfortunately, however, her star decorator bowed out due to previous commitments.  So this is where you come in.
Your challenge this week will be to get this project done.

SID's Design Star Challenge

"Each week, contestants will compete in an innovative interior design challenge which will entail completing specific tasks and with specific budgets. The stakes will be high in this one as the winner stands to walk away with not only the title of SID’s TOP Designer but also an exclusive interview and editorial spread in an issue of SF Magazine as well as an EA Store prize of their choice." SID

Triple Take Challenge

Triple Take Bedroom Makeover.
 Your Challenge
Take the following bedding set and use it as the basis for a new bedroom. We need to give our client as many great design ideas as possible so that she can choose what suits her. Take it in whatever direction you choose. Your only guidelines are that the bedding set must be created using the colour palette below. Once you use the colours for the bedding, you can decorate the rest of the bedroom to your liking in whatever way you feel would work best with the bedding. You can click on the palette to get to colour lovers for a closer look.