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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urban Abode

This is my entry into YOUR HOUSE, OUR HOME over at the official forums.

This home was built for Cameron and his partner Jasmine SyncaPore. I wanted to give them a home that reflects that they are now adults and ready to take on the world. Seeing as they are lovers of the outdoors they don't need a lot of space inside for they spend most of their time outdoors. That being said they still should have a relaxing grown up space for when they are home.

I tired to give it a young Urban feel and use natural elements throughout the space, like the rough timbers and stone walls.
There are garden plots around the home for Jasmine to give some TLC, seeing as she loves to garden so much.

 The entrance has large windows to let in the natural light.

The bathroom was large enough to house a washer and dryer, this is hidden away by some wooden slatted blinds.

The bedroom isn't very large but it has plenty of storage space which is what every woman needs. 

The kitchen opens up onto the living room, there is no table and chairs inside but they do have a breakfast bar and wine bar.

I removed the door to the small closet off the living room and converted it into a small study space.

 The whole home has floor to ceiling windows to let as much of the outdoors in. The living room is large enough to have his brother and girlfriend over to watch the game.

The pool and spa is one luxury that Cameron didn't want to go without. Seeing as they spend so much time outdoors they really wanted to make the most of it.

The deck is where most meals are eaten, and who could blame them! Just look at that view.

And the birds eye view :)